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JD Charisma




It’s hard not to love an original. JD Charisma – actor, recording artist, and electrifying entertainer – strives to become the first bankable American megastar of Filipino descent. His is the classic story of a young man chasing an impossible dream through perseverance, hard work, and dynamic charm that lights up the room. From a young age, JD has been a symbol of hope and courage to his community of diverse fans.


As an actor, JD has been featured in commercials, short films, feature films, television, and on-stage. His projects have won awards in international film festivals. He has been featured on countless major television networks. Recently, he led the ensemble cast for a ground-breaking production that combined classical music and medieval fantasy storytelling called Origins: After the Dark. He currently is at work on Lights, Camera, Action!, an original concept album that blurs the lines of film and music.


As a recording artist, JD released his first album at the age of fourteen. He was nominated as Best New Male Artist 2013 for the EOTM Awards in Hollywood. His music has streamed to fifty countries on Spotify and Apple Music. He has reached two million views on YouTube and continues to release music and videos with a proven track record of achieving viral fame.


The world is not a fair place. It takes a person who dreams wildly and works relentlessly to break down the structures that hold us all back. When he was a young boy, JD fell in love with superheroes – not because they were unrecognizably larger than life (that too), but because they brought out the hero inside of everyone. No matter the odds, no matter how impossible a dream may seem, we should always go for gold. So with gold-blooded audacity, a genuine heart, and not quite enough modesty—I, JD Charisma, strive to inspire people to have the audacity to be themselves and dream big. My dream is to be the first bankable American megastar of Filipino descent.

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