JDC Life (2010)

JDC Life is the first original album of JDC. It was written and recorded when he was 13 & 14 years old and released in 2010. These are some of the very first songs JD Charisma aka "JDC" has ever written. They are songs from his heart, they speak about life situations and how we need to come together as a people and help each other get through tough situations. Even at a young age, JD has had a heart to make a change and to help people. Not only did he work hard to finish an album at age 14, but he continued to be a role model to the youth by helping his community and keeping a positive attitude. His message of this album is: No matter what we face, or what we go through, If we come together with love, peace, and unity, we can make a difference to each others lives and ultimately change the world. (Recorded at UGMX Studios, Mixed and Mastered by Universal Sound Masters)