JD Charisma's Story

The story of JD Charisma “JDC” is a classic story of a young man chasing his dream, overcoming major obstacles in life, and doing the impossible. It’s the prime example of perseverance, motivation, faith, struggle, hard work, and love. Not only is JD a very talented entertainer, but he's also a great role model who serves as a symbol of hope and inspiration to today's youth and to people of all ages.

With each struggle JD has faced, he has learned to overcome the hardships and has beaten all odds with determination, faith, and the will to succeed. After being in countless situations that often put him in vulnerable and tough spots, he has grown and learned that it doesn’t matter what you face in life… all that matters is how hard you’re willing to push in order to get past what your dealing with and ultimately live the life you’ve always wanted to live.

He continuously pushes himself to the limits and has had many unthinkable experiences and accomplishments at such a young age. Through his own life, he believes that no matter who you are or where you come from, if you believe in yourself, keep working hard, keep your faith in God, and never give up, you can live your dreams.

While continuously raising the bar and creating original and groundbreaking, yet classic, entertainment in the forms of music, movies, videos, stories, and live presentation, JD Charisma continues to push the positive and empowering message to the world, that you can live your dream even when all odds are against you. Let his work and his life be an inspiration to push you and help motivate you to do anything you put your mind to, no matter how "impossible" it may seem.


is an Electrifying Entertainer, Award-winning Actor, Award-winning Recording Artist, TV Host, Songwriter, Scriptwriter, Movie & TV Producer. He has utilized his talents in films, movies, TV shows, commercials, live concerts & tours throughout the Bay area, Las Vegas, Beverly Hills & Hollywood. He started acting at age 8, started writing songs at age 10, & has done many lead roles to date.

He released his first original album at age 14 through UGMX Studios. He starred in several TV Shows & has been featured on several TV Networks such as CBS CW44 Cable 12, ABS-CBN, TFC, Comcast TV Channel 15, 27, 28, 29, 30, ABC7. He is currently the Field TV Host & Lead co-star on the new TV Series “M.A.D. Science” sponsored by Microsoft that airs on CreaTV Comcast TV Channel 28. JD starred in several Indie films, 6 of which won awards in International Film Festivals. He presently got nominated as Best New Male Artist 2013 for the EOTM Awards in Hollywood. He is in pre-production on his new TV Show “The JD Charisma Show”.

He recently starred & co-produced a musical comedic film & a spectacular grand music video called “My Everything” (JD’s original lyrics & arrangement as a tribute to the legendary Barry White) which premiered at (The biggest AMC Theaters in the Bay Area) AMC Mercado 20, which held about 500 people in the theater. JD did performances for many events, big festivals, churches, schools, & charities. He writes positive & inspirational music that empowers people from all walks of life. His desire is to entertain & inspire people through his talent that God has given him in acting, music, & entertainment. He established The JD Charisma Foundation that benefits youth programs such as: Anti-bullying, Anti-Violence, Abused, Cancer patients, Autism, Poverty, Hungry & supports education. You can connect with him through his social networks – www.JDCharisma.com, www.facebook.com/jdcharismawww.youtube.com/jdcharisma, www.twitter.com/_jdcharisma, www.jdcharisma.tumblr.com, www.instagram.com/JDCharisma, kik: JDCharisma